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          Bike Shoes Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests in 2018


Whether you are a great sportsman or a cycling enthusiast of the weekend, having the right cycling shoes is important to indulge in this activity in all serenity. Of all the choices on the market, it is sometimes difficult to find the right pair for you. To facilitate your prospection, you must look at the soles, the closure, but also the comfort. You dream of having beautiful bike shoes, but you can not consult our buying guide and choose from all our product selections. You can refer to the 2 options that we propose below. The Smartodoors SIKEBIKE-SD-001 model has received the approval of many Internet users thanks to its innovative design that offers optimal comfort. Its dynamic color and trendy style put it at the top of the most popular shoes. The Sidi Kaos Carbon, meanwhile, is an interesting option thanks to its soft kicking closure system.


How to choose a good bike shoe?

Bicycle shoes are pairs specifically designed for cycling. These shoes are essential to ensure good foot ventilation and stiffness. Feel free to follow the tips to choose brilliantly your bike shoe on our price comparison. This will save you time, but also money. The 3 main characteristics that you will need to pay attention to when buying: the comfort of the shoe, the outsole and its clamping system.

                                                           Purchase guide


The comfort of the shoe

If you’re wondering how to buy a bike shoe for a better value, you should focus on the issues of the comfort of the shoe. This is what seems most obvious, because you will probably travel several kilometers on your bike with the shoe, it is essential than to have in his possession bike shoes well suited and comfortable.

In addition, you can either have fine feet or have wide feet. This will play a lot on the bike shoes that you have to buy, because that’s why you choose the shape of your shoe. At the time of purchase, it is also advisable to test the shoe if it suits you or not, if your feet feel comfortable in it.


The outsole

Another feature to consider when buying a new bike shoe is its outsole. Our shopping guide for the best cycling shoes offers you to make sure to choose the material that the outsole of the bike shoe is made of.

Indeed, it is entirely recommended to choose shoes whose outsole is made with good quality materials. This could increase your performance and your performance on the bike. It is better to take bike shoes with soles that combine both rigidity and lightness.

There are several soles with different materials according to manufacturers such as carbon fiber reinforced nylon, polyamide, carbon fiber reinforced composite, or 100% carbon. In addition, if you have a limited budget you can turn to shoes with soles made of nylon, polyamide or composite. If you’re looking for performance and optimized performance, you’ll want to opt for 100% carbon sole bike shoes.



The clamping system

It is also important to take into account the tightening system of the bike shoe, because it is this clamping system that allows your feet to be held in the shoe so that it is well placed. There are several tightening systems according to the bike shoes such as laces, velcro straps, micrometric strap clamps, micrometric discs or wheels. In addition, it is the disc or wheel clamping system that is most effective on several points, because it has an optimized clamping accuracy thanks to its micrometric design of notches.

After seeing these basic features to consider when buying a new bike shoe, you can ask yourself the essential question: “where to buy a new bike shoe”? Depending on the chosen shoe, some models can cost up to 135 euros for those who are professional models.


The best bike shoes of 2018

As with other equipment, cycling shoes must be carefully chosen because they have a direct impact on your athletic performance. Of course, the type of shoes you need will vary depending on the bike and its use. The shoes will not be the same if you practice road cycling, mountain biking or BMX. You want to buy a pair of bike shoes at a cheap price, find the best brands of the moment on this comparison.


                                                                     Recommended products


                                                                 SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001



                                MORE COLOR                                        BUY ON AMAZON


SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001 is mountain bike shoes for professional cyclists. Designed in a breathable material, these shoes offer incredible comfort. They also have the distinction of being unisex. In other words, they are suitable for men and women.

This explains why these shoes are available in a wide range of sizes. Whether you’re wearing 37 or 45, you’ll always find SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001 that will fit your feet. Available in several colors, these shoes will marry with the colors of your jerseys.

If you are wondering what is the best bike shoe on the market, we will surely answer the SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001.

In keeping with professional footwear, the SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001s feature a micrometric strap and two Velcro straps for optimal fit. You will also have the opportunity to tighten them without having to get off the bike.

These skulls will sit perfectly at your feet, be assured. The crampons of this range of bike shoes will allow you to get the maximum performance at the pedal stroke, especially during the final sprint, it is also for this reason that they are chosen by a large number of professional runners.

Where to buy the best bike shoe? You have several possibilities. If you have not made your choice yet, the SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001 can interest you by its constitution, its structure and its shape.



Breathable Microfiber: This material offers this shoe the ability to breathe better and to have more waterproofness. So, once you put them on, your feet will always be dry.

Lycra Heel: This SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001 bike shoe has a lycra heel lining. The latter is well known for its anti-slip virtue. It can, therefore, prevent possible falls and slips.

Design: The SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001 sports a modern design and is very attractive, not to mention the fact that this detail adds more comfort.



Size: When you buy these shoes SMARTODOORS SIKEBIKE-SD-001, it is strongly recommended to choose a size a little larger. Compared with conventional shoes, they are a little tighter.


                                                                  SIDI KAOS CARBON

                                         MORE COLOR                                    BUY ON AMAZON


The shoes for SIDI KAOS CARBON black and yellow road bike combine elegance and performance. Thanks to the carbon soles, the transmission of power are much more efficient. In addition, the micrometer loop “Caliper” which is completed by the device Techno 3 ensures a maximum and homogeneous distribution of pressure along the foot.

These road bike shoes are distinguished by their closing system. They incorporate the Soft Instep soft kick closure system. To optimize the runner’s comfort, the dimensions of the morphological strip have been reduced, but it has been coupled with a flexible and thermoformed material. Thus, the pressure exerted during the pedaling is distributed equitably on the plantar arch. Thanks to this innovation, runners no longer need a stent for kicking.

Sidi’s official size guide recommends that riders ride a size above the fact that the shoes of the whole range are small. In any case, the fasteners of the shoe will give you the support and optimal comfort of your feet.

In a ranking, the SIDI KAOS CARBON would be among the most expensive bike shoes, but this can be perfectly explained by its design, the types of materials with which it was manufactured and the technology it is equipped with.



Soft Instep: With this closure system, the SIDI KAOS CARBON has a broad morphological band that is both reinforced and reduced, then combined with a flexible and thermoformed material to provide optimized comfort and exceptional performance.

Material: The SIDI KAOS CARBON is a bike shoe made of high-quality materials, to mention only its sole Carbon Millenium 4 and mesh interior fabric.



Size: According to the opinion of customers who have already bought the pair of SIDI KAOS CARBON bike shoes, you should opt for the size above if you want excellent comfort.


                                                                  SHIMANO RP3


                                     MORE COLOR                                    BUY ON AMAZON


Do you not know how to choose the best bike shoes for 2018? This comparison reveals the essentials to know about the subject.

The SHIMANO RP3 road bike shoes are unisex, they have been designed to suit the morphology of male and female feet. In fact, these shoes are intended for the fun practice of road cycling. These shoes feature a comfortable and durable upper that combines mesh, insert, leather and other synthetic materials. Despite the use of these many materials, SHIMANO RP3 shoes are comfortable and ensure good air circulation. The insole is equipped with a modular arch support for ultimate comfort.

The real innovation of this pair of running shoes lies in the “Dynalast” technology which optimizes the movement of the ascending foot and reduces energy losses during long hikes. They also have an accurate adjustment system that is based on two scratches and a micrometric loop.

The perfect fit ensures pedaling is more efficient and less tiring. It is also this system that distinguishes Shimano model Rp3. The Shimano is compatible with SPD SL and SPD SM-SH40 automatic shims.

For a cheaper bike shoe, but of very good quality, you can direct your choice to the SHIMANO RP3. The latter is, among others, made with quality materials, to mention only synthetic leather, mesh, nylon and fiberglass.



Lightweight and comfortable: With fiberglass soles and a weight of 527 g, the SHIMANO RP3 offers all the necessary comfort to let you fully enjoy your walks or your cycling.

Dynalas technology: Thanks to this technology combined with SPD-SL wedges, this pair of SHIMANO RP3 shoes has an element allowing to transmit the pedaling force in a more efficient way.



Size: Like the majority of bike shoes, you should also order shoes that are larger than normal, if you want to preserve your comfort during your hikes or simple



                                                               MAVIC KSYRIUM ELITE


                                          MORE COLOR                                        BUY ON AMAZON


The MAVIC KSYRIUM ELITE cycling shoes combine comfort, robustness and aesthetics. In fact, these shoes owe their high popularity to the comfort they grant. They have a micrometric buckle combined with classic laces that ensure optimal foot support.

The OrthoLite insole optimizes the cushioning and overall comfort of the foot. Despite the simplicity of its design, the MAVIC KSYRIUM ELITE cycling shoes are the result of a technological feat unique in its kind.

The transmission of power is optimal with these shoes thanks to the combination of fiberglass and nylon for the design of the soles. These pairs of shoes are chosen by many professionals because they meet their every need. This model is very successful on long journeys.

Which bike shoe to choose? Sometimes you get lost with a multitude of offers or flinch on the first comer. If you have not made your choice yet, let yourself be seduced by the performance of the MAVIC KSYRIUM ELITE.



Outsole Energy Comp outsole: This type of outsole offers this shoe more finesse, lightness and robustness. It brings the foot closer to the pedal with an energy transfer index of 50%.

Ergo Micrometric Clamping: For high precision adjustment, this MAVIC KSYRIUM ELITE shoe has been designed with a light grip and a low profile.



Small size: According to a customer who had the opportunity to test with this bike shoe MAVIC KSYRIUM ELITE, its size is a little smaller than normal. So, it is advisable to choose a size above.



                                                              LOUIS GARNEAU TRI X-SPEED



                                                                           BUY ON AMAZON



If you practice Louis Garneau TRI X-Speed regularly, Tribal designs an excellent Louis Garneau TRI X-Speed bike shoe model.

The Louis Garneau TRI X-Speed shoes are high performance. They have been designed so that you can improve your sporting performance during the cycling event. With a velcro fastener, these shoes will stay adapted to your feet even after miles of travel.

These shoes have been designed to perfectly fit the shape of the bike pedal. Their upper is synthetic leather. The toe area has been reinforced to provide greater comfort and durability. The insoles of these shoes that are called Ergo Air Coolmax are manufactured to allow the cyclist to ride in the most extreme conditions.

They also facilitate the transfer of power. These insoles have been coupled with a non-slip membrane 0.6 mm thick for the perfect stability of the heel. The wedges of these shoes are steel, in principle, they are suitable for all models of road pedal. The outer soles, for their part, are made of aerated and patented composite carbon.

To choose the best brand of bike shoes, why not indulge in the Louis Garneau TRI X-Speed. Moreover, this shoe has all the criteria relating to your comfort and your safety during your hikes, your short walks and other more professional uses.



Reliable: If you’re a triathlon fan, this pair of Louis Garneau TRI X-Speed shoes is for you. Its design can meet your needs if you are looking for the best performing bike shoe.

Synthetic leather upper: Thanks to the specificity of the Louis Garneau TRI X-Speed shoe, it adheres perfectly to the pedal of the bike.



Size: If some customers have had difficulty choosing the size or have already had to choose a larger size to have the appropriate comfort, others have had no problem with their normal size.



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