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Shahrukh Khan Gym And Diet Secrets

                        Shahrukh Khan Gym And Diet Secrets


In the film ‘Om Shanti Om’, Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Six Pack‘ has surprised everyone, including Bollywood.

Then in ‘Happy New Year’, he made an eight-pack, making the horoscope so big. However, making this body at this age is not easy. That’s why the story of Shah Rukh’s work is also astonishing.
Recently in a news of GQ India, it is known that Shah Rukh Khan worked very tactically to create this body of his body. Because of some physical problems, he has prevented himself from some exercise. But he did not give up. The alternative methods for exercising that he could not do.

Shah Rukh’s own trainer, Prashant Rawat, said, “There is a great gymnasium in this Bollywood actor’s house, and that’s why Shahrukh Khan used to exercise his time and circumstances regularly.

He used to exercise around 2 in the night. Because he could not have time to spend time in his busyness. ”
The Bollywood actor said, “Because of physical problems, he could not use the trilogy, so he had to do cycling.” He could not have a swim because of shoulder problems, but he did not swim along with gymnasiums, or even hockey or football. Like sports. ”



Shahrukh Khan Diet Secrets

Shahrukh Khan, the 51-year-old king of Bollywood, still has a lot of interesting physical structure, why? Because he can also call attention to food or be moderate.

For the blockbuster ‘Om Shanti Om’, he started Secret Diet before. He is very strictly adhering to low carbohydrate and high protein-rich foods. The Times of India has said this secret of King Khan’s food.

Attention to protein

An important part of Shahrukh Khan’s dietary diet is high protein rich foods. For example Lacquer milk, chicken meat without skin, white egg white, legumes and lean meat. As well as after exercising, he drinks protein-rich drinks.

Sugar and refined grains

When Shah Rukh Khan is in the diet, avoid all kinds of pieces of bread, rice, flour, including refined grains. Also, avoid sugar or sweet foods. Instead, keep the wheat prepared food, such as eggs with wheat toast, eat the chicken sandwich and eat it.


Vegetables are always in his diet. Vegetables provide the primary source of their food carbohydrate. As well as meeting the needs of vitamins and minerals. If you want to be accustomed to such a diet, eat cooked vegetables or eat or cook. They meet the nutritional requirements of the body.


There is a high degree of easy carbohydrate in the fruit. He used to eat fruits rather than sweets. The fruits provide natural sugar, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Drink lots of water

Shahrukh Khan drinks two to three liters of water daily. Junk Khan is the romantic hero of Bollywood, without any milk, fresh and sweet vegetables.



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