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                   BEST RUNNING SHOES 2018, WE GUIDE YOU!



That’s it, it’s decided, you will indulge in running from tomorrow, I congratulate you! Before you start, and to justify your choice of the best running shoes, here is what you need to know about running and its equipment. A new pair of running will give you the motivation to go get your goals!



Having been designed to be sports shoes, running shoes are so comfortable that they are invited in the daily lives of users to finally become a fashion accessory very popular.

The running shoe was born in 1985 when the brand J.W. Fosters and Sons, renamed Reebok developed athletic shoes. But it was only in the 2000s that the running shoe itself appeared, created by Adidas, soon followed by the Japanese giant Mizuno and the American New Balance.

For the record, it should be noted that the brand Mizuno had created his shoe that was not predestined to the sport but was known for the support of the arch. Over time, 6 major equipment manufacturers have distinguished themselves in the running shoe market.

This is New Balance, Asics, Nike and Adidas, Mizuno and Saucony (and even 7 if we count under armor which is more and more active). Not only have these brands developed models adapted to each type of sport, but they have also created increasingly urban concepts for everyday use.

Each marked the history of the running shoe with original innovations. Thus, Mizuno is famous for its Wave plate, while Asics has fitted the sports shoe with a shock-absorbing gel, just like Nike, with its Waffle sole and its “Air” technology, when Reebok created lines exclusively female.

In addition to the sportswear giants, other brands, such as Oysho with Gymwear, Etam with Be +, Repetto have quickly established themselves in this lucrative market. Even haute couture has entered the race with the line of sneakers from Dior to offer the best running shoes on the market.



It seems legitimate that we stop on the main running tool, the foot. This member that we use every day without realizing it, is doing us good in many ways. It is the foot that supports our body’s weight, and as a result, it is constantly under pressure.

This is the case when we stay up, this is the case when we walk or we run. The merit of this faculty of the foot to bear the weight of the body returns to the arch. Thanks to its spring effect, the foot is able to evolve and adapt to different terrains, flat or uneven.

The slightest deformity of this arch may cause the foot to be unresponsive to walking, which can cause discomfort and even pain during walking. Moreover, used to being permanently pavement, the skin of the foot is quite fragile, especially at the level of the sole of the foot. All this to say that if we embark on the running, it is appropriate to wear us accordingly: in respect of the anatomy of the foot and the care of the skin.


What shoes for runners?

A study has shown that people who proclaim themselves runners seek above all to stand out from the joggers by their wishes to meet challenges or achieve certain goals: lose weight or centimeters, improve physical performance, prepare a marathon …

From this comes an aspiration to demand shoes of a high technical level, but also endowed with a particular aesthetic. As a result, manufacturers are following this trend and are offering thousands of different design footwear and colors.

But beyond all these aesthetic preferences, the technicality of running shoes is more and more pointed. In the end, the runner will be offered models corresponding to the running activity that he practices, but also according to the anatomy of his foot, the frequency of his training or the desired design to design the best running shoes.



Among the thousands of references proposed, you could feel lost. In the first place, do you set your main goal: to look for performance or aesthetics?

But as the health of your feet depends on the wearing of shoes, start making your choice based on the technicality of the models. In any case, pay particular attention to the breathing of your foot. It can also be very good to talk to a specialist in a store dedicated to running, not in an Intersport and company. These will allow you to go running with the shoes before you decide, which is a good thing.

Define the surfaces where you will practice your running. If you run on a flat surface, go for shoes with cushioning. For races on rough tracks, prefer to ensure a good maintenance of your feet, as well as notched soles for a better grip on the ground.

The ideal is to select several pairs, it is not given to everyone it is true, but if you practice several types of training, it is almost essential. Opt for very stable shoes for long distances, lightweight pairs for speed efforts (split for example), sneakers with good cushioning for off-road racing. This has several advantages, such as extending the life of each pair in addition to forcing the foot to remain “active” and having to constantly adapt to different types of surfaces.

Taking into account your morphology, you will find men models and women models. Men over 80 kg and women over 60 kg will have to choose shoes containing intermediate foam, as well as an additive sole to improve cushioning.

Each person walking and running differently, we will be attentive to the type of stride by observing the location of the wear of the soles, an excellent indicator that defines the degree of support of the foot on the ground. In the case of the supinator type, the runner places his foot on the outer part of the heel. The pronator types him, rocking his foot inward. The support of the foot for the universal type is located on all the foot starting with the heel following its axis. Depending on the type of stride, you will find suitable shoes.

So look at the head of your old soles on your last running, it will tell you about how you land during your strides, if you are rather a pronator (wear on the outside of the heel) you will look for a shoe with good stability. If the phenomenon is very pronounced, consider strengthening your hips and glutes with weight training.



Do not be fooled by your choice of running shoes, especially if you are a beginner, trust the reference marks that are distinguished by the quality of their finish, as well as a guaranteed technicality.


                                           ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe



                                  MORE COLOR                                                      BUY ON AMAZON


Asics KayanoSave On the side of men’s running shoes this year, we find again our favorite: Kayano Gel 23 from Asics. The Kayano is, so to speak, an all-terrain whose dynamism is able to carry you on the road or on the road.

Designed for feet with pronated or neutral stride, it provides good cushioning and support, my sole is the great success of this shoe, it ensures a foot/ground interaction with the best! Runners over 80 kg will surely appreciate.

This model, as its name suggests, is still the 23rd in the series, and this shoe remains one of the best for those looking for stability of their foot. The cushioning of the outsole makes enjoying long distance rides, even if you are not pronator.



                                     Nike Mens LunarEpic Flyknit Shield Running Shoe

                                           DETAILS                                            BUY ON AMAZON


Running Nike Save The Nike LunarEpic is a minimalist shoe, which means that it gives you the feeling of running barefoot, but with the protection that goes well!

The strong point of the shoe lies in its ability to adapt to all weather, thanks to its hydrophobic fabric. In addition, the shoe is super light and fits perfectly to any type of surface.

It is the kind of shoe so comfortable that once put on, it gives us the impression of having always worn. The fault with the famous “Flyknit”, a unique material of its kind. It is not only the top of the shoe that is neat, the sole has received special attention with good traction and resistance to water. If you live in a rainy area, there is no doubt that this pair you need!


                                   Puma Men’s Speed 500 Ignite Running Shoe


                                        DETAILS                                              BUY ON AMAZON


the best footwear Saves Puma is for everyday runners looking for a little boost of speed and a certain lightness.

NightCat, which is a variation of the Ignite, is water resistant and features a reflective tab, allowing you to run in rainy weather and at night, so convenient.

The Puma Ignite have a certain Pedigree, these are still the shoes of Usain Bolt himself, shoes that share his daily life. To make shoes for Usain, it is to assure him a lightness during his race, he who is not a featherweight, a challenge, therefore! Bet won for the Puma, which has created here a shoe that will get you a boost of speed, the shoe is a little less recommended for those preparing their first marathon …


                              Adidas Men’s UltraBOOST Uncaged Running Shoe



                                                             BUY ON AMAZON


running adidasSaveVoici a model cut for runners looking for a shoe that will accompany them on long distance. On the other hand, if it’s the stability you’re looking for, go your way!

As always with the shoes of this Adidas range, the sole “Boost” keeps its promises, namely a return of energy and excellent comfort. The impact on the ground becomes very pleasant and each stride to the next before having time to realize it. With its pointed toe, the Adidas Ultra Boost is designed so that you get excellent dynamism that will ensure an exceptional rebound, while its sole “Boost” guarantees you the best cushioning.

The upper knit is particularly comfortable and the foot is perfectly molded inside of it. Beware however if you have wide feet, it may not be a basket for you, the Ultra Boost is very narrow!


                           Skechers Performance Men’s Go Run 400 Running Shoe




                                   MORE COLOR                                                   BUY ON AMAZON


Top shoes running Save Although its name seem to be destined for running only, La Sketchers Go Run is a basket that will suit any type of training. Its big strength lies in its superimposing sole, which provides as much cushioning and comfort as it seems!

This model is intended for many activities, which is confirmed quickly once shod, the shoe will be perfect for small distances and sessions on treadmills, however, do not rely too much on long distances.


                                      New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Cruz Running Shoe



                                                                            BUY ON AMAZON


The Fresh Foam Cruz model in “Light Gray with Sea Salt & Gum”.New Balance
With its incognito look, the New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz is as good in everyday life as it is on the slopes. Characterized by its slipper structure and elastic at the heel, which offers more ease of donning, this model is also provided with a reinforcing band in the center of the foot, which offers good support. However, the shoe may not be suitable for runners looking for increased cushioning: the sole is indeed relatively thin on the front of the foot. Its price: 100 euros.


                                              Brooks Men’s Adrenaline Gts 17

                                     MORE COLOR                                   BUY ON AMAZON


Top running Brooks GTS Adrenaline 17Save The strong point of this shoe lies clearly in its “diagonal Rollbar”, an element that allows the foot to stay on the axis and avoid overpronation.

The shoe will suit all pronators, it is an excellent choice of stability, each layer of the sole is designed to provide maximum support during the stride. In addition, the Brooks GTS Adrenaline is very light and very bouncy, especially when compared to another running of the same kind. The top of the shoe is very comfortable, especially the tongue.


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