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Best Rowing Machines 2018

                                    What are the best rowers?


The best rower is appreciated for its versatility since it allows everyone to train completely without moving from home. In fact, during the exercises with this instrument, about 80 percent of the body muscle mass is stimulated, from the legs to the arms, from the abdominals to the pectoral ones.

This brings significant benefits in terms of aerobic consumption of calories, promoting weight loss and muscle toning and improving blood circulation.

The rower is one of the most purchased equipment for physical activity, like the elliptical bike and the folding bike: it is compact, does not take up much space, and is suitable for both men and women.

From the point of view of the operation, this device simulates the rowing with a mobile seat typical of rowing. To be reliable, it must therefore present a safe traction system even if subjected to prolonged and intense stresses. The saddle and footrest must also be sturdy and comfortable and the flywheel must be heavy.

The fitness rower for home fitness does not forget, of course, the technology. Most of the equipment is equipped with a computerized display, which provides precise and real-time training data, such as the number of strokes per minute, distance traveled, speed, time, calories burned …


                                                   Best Rowing Machines For 2018


Choose the best rowing machine, evaluate what technical and dimensional characteristics it must have, compare prices … are all considerations to make before buying. Let’s see how thanks to this practical guide.


                                                          Kettler Coach M



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This tool allows to strengthen all the muscles and, at the same time, to improve the physical resistance: the result of an intense and demanding cardiovascular training also translates into high-calorie consumption, to manage slimming situations. For this reason, it can be considered an ideal companion for daily training.

It uses a manually controlled magnetic braking system with 8 levels of resistance, while the flywheel has a weight of 6 kg. The magnetic resistance can be increased by turning a knob located under the display computer.

Silence is one of the strengths of this device: while you are training you can, in fact, listen to the TV or the music without raising the volume too much. The LCD display is easy and immediate to read and allows you to permanently view data from 6 different functions.

The stability of the rowing machine is excellent and the feet rest firmly, being secured by an adjustable strap. The action of the rowing is fluid, as well as the movement of the saddle, comfortable and well padded.

The assembly proves to be quite simple and can be carried out in reasonable time even by the user not particularly expert in DIY. And once mounted, it is easy to position the instrument at the most appropriate point using the special wheels integrated in the front support base; at the end of training, it can be put to rest in a vertical position, optimizing the space.

It can also be used by all people but with a maximum weight of 130 kg. Included is a wireless heart rate monitor, which helps monitor your heart rate during training on the large display.

Why Do We like it?
Function monitoring simple and intuitive
Wireless thoracic heart rate monitor included in the package
Easy to store it in a small space when not in use

Why Do We not like it?
The control system does not allow distance setting


                                              Stamina Body Trac Glider 



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Sometimes it is not necessary to have a top-of-the-range tool to carry out the functions required by a rowing machine in a simple and substantial way. And sometimes it is enough to combine a good structure at a good price, even in the entry-level range, to allow anyone to take advantage of the multiple functions of the rowing machine to train in a harmonious way.

This low-cost model is ideal for a novice person who wants to do exercises at home, without having to go to the gym every time. It is a circular motion rowing machine that exploits the hydraulic piston type resistance, designed to move both oars.

The increase in resistance is adjustable to 12 different levels of intensity, using the appropriate knob on each piston. It is possible to change the intensity even during construction. The execution of the exercise is guaranteed in its dynamism also by the movement of the seat, which flows smoothly through a mechanism driven by ball bearings.

The tool is equipped with a simple and intuitive display that provides essential information: measurement of the number of strokes, exercise speed, training time, calories.

Another aspect worthy of mention is the reduced size of the appliance, which is further reduced when the rowing machine is folded over itself. Not least the price, definitely competitive.


                                                   V-fit Fit-Start Dual Hydraulic



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It is an entry level hydraulic rowing machine, equipped with two independent hydraulic pistons, one for both arms. The resistance level can be adjusted using a knob on each arm that rises and falls.

The aluminum structure is solid overall and can support a person with a maximum weight of 110 kg. The arms are chromed and with a soft foam handle; the seat is also very comfortable, made of expanded foam, and the flow is fluid; the footrest is large and has a velcro band to keep your feet firm.

Despite being inexpensive, has a small onboard console, with LCD monitor, with three buttons to display 6 functions such as calories burned, the count of rowing, the time of execution of the training session.

The assembly is quite simple and fast, also because provided are provided with special keys that facilitate the various operations.

The tool cannot be folded, but the arms can be lowered to make it flatter and occupy less space: in this way it can be placed under the bed or in a closet. Because the weight of the entire tool is not excessive (only 15 kg), it is also easy to move.

Why Do We like it?
Very satisfactory quality/price ratio
Convenient to store
Useful for cardio fitness

Why Do We not like it?
Console a bit minimalist



                                                 Stamina X Magnetic Rower

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It is a medium-low-end home fitness tool, which has the advantage of allowing you to perform different activities in addition to that of the rowing machine. In fact, it turns into a miniature mini-gym to perform movements and exercises only on certain parts of the body while standing and replacing the handlebars for one-handed grips.

The tool can therefore be configured for both vertical and horizontal use when seated. Unlike most traditional rowers, however, it does not have an air/water or magnetic flywheel that regulates resistance but uses elastic cables that allow it to be used as a mini-gym. The movement of the seat can be locked in specific positions to perform certain types of exercises for the limbs.

The tool is equipped with a computer with a display that monitors the main functions. It is particularly suitable for all those who perform a cardio type of training, to achieve a certain work of resistance and improve muscle tone in mini-gym activities.

For a beginner, it is certainly a good buy, as it is for the numerous users who are looking for something more complete than a rower in the classical sense. Being foldable, it is easily replaced after use.


                                                Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

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Particularly suitable for aerobic exercises, it has a very robust structure. The frame is made of metal, the plastic is used only for the blocks on the ground, the footrests, the flywheel and some other components.

Regarding the flywheel, it should be noted that its resistance is not manually adjustable but is proportional to the force exerted.

The seat is very comfortable, supports the weight of the body and absorbs vibrations without causing deformations. It is firmly anchored to the track through rotating bearings that run smoothly, favoring a stable and precise movement.

The length of the track is wide enough to allow the use of people up to 1.90 m tall. The handlebar grip is firm and pleasantly fills your hand. The bar on which the footrests are inserted is very robust and is not subject to deformation even if subjected to high pressures.

The display shows the various parameters used for training, including the total number of strokes, the number of strokes per minute, the calories burned, the timer, the distance covered and the speed. It is activated automatically with the movement and goes off after a few minutes of standby.

When not in use, the rowing machine can be closed and positioned vertically to take up less space. It is very easy to move thanks to the front wheels.



                                                          High Power


                                                               SEE AND BUY ON AMAZON


Ideal for weight loss, burn calories and keep fit, the rowing machine is equipped with resistance with hydraulic pistons and effort adjustment.

The knob with numbered selector gives a feeling of fluidity and continuity of the movement of rowing and allows you to vary the intensity according to the type of training you want to follow. The rowing system provides 360-degree rotating oars.

The large-scale LCD digital display allows you to view the distance, speed, time, and calories values.

A convenient scan function manages the automatic scrolling of the values, which alternate with a 5-second cadence. In this way, a glance is enough to always have everything under control without having to use the selector button. Thanks to the heart rate monitor with hand pulse, cardiac measurement can also be performed during training sessions.

The rowing machine features a folding system that folds vertically and horizontally, with an ultra-thin design and space-saving design.


                                        WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

                                                               SEE AND BUY ON AMAZON


What is immediately striking is its aesthetics, all based on nature and well-being. Each model is made of solid ash and is finished by hand with Danish oil. In this way a unique shine is given to the wood, which enhances the warmth of this material.

It is a carefully selected wood, very resistant and of remarkable longevity. This material has been chosen because of its extraordinary physical and mechanical properties, first of all its ability to absorb acoustic vibrations, making the instrument absolutely silent.

The implement monitor has been designed keeping in mind one objective: to guarantee maximum ease of use. To access the main functions, just press a button.

The display will show the intensity in m / s (meters per second) / 500 m (time for 500 meters) / 2km (once every 2 kilometers), watts and Kcal per hour. It also shows the heartbeat (with optional heart rate attack), the distance in units of meters, kilometers, miles, total rowing and duration.

Why Do We like it?
The noise of the water is definitely relaxing
A very accurate aesthetic
It can be assembled without problems

Why Do We not like it?
You could improve the software a bit




                                                Kettler Home Exercise R M



                                                              SEE AND BUY ON AMAZON


It is a particularly versatile instrument designed to strengthen all muscle groups and to help increase physical endurance. With this rowing machine, you can make an intense and challenging workout, with a high-calorie consumption.
It is designed to accurately simulate the movement of rowing in water, fully respecting the joints and muscle tissue. Allows you to select up to 12 different resistance levels; the support structure offers up to 3 levels of inclination that can be set manually with ease.

Through the LCD display you can see the exercise time, the distance traveled, the calories burned and the heart rate in a simple and immediate way. The measurement of the pulsations occurs through clips to be attached to the ear.
With some simple commands, you can enter certain parameters such as the maximum heart rate limit, the practicable training distance and the calorie limit to burn.

It has an aluminum structure with padded seat, which flows without causing bumps or jolts. Thanks to the exclusive space-saving system it can be folded and placed “at rest” even in very narrow spaces: once closed it measures 127 x 57 x 44 cm.



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