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Best Push up Bar 2018

The classic push-up Bars are well-known and are trained in many athletes and in many households for muscle growth. In this exercise with your hands on the floor, various muscle groups such as the chest muscles, arm muscles, abdominal muscles can be trained quickly, effectively and cheaply. If you do several pushups in a row and do it consistently, you will notice that this type of full-body workout is focused on your joints and you’re tired of exercising. To avoid this and to make the push-up exercises more efficient, the use of push-up handles makes sense.


                                   Best Push-up Bar 2018



                                               CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars


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                                                        Perfect Basic Push-up



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                                                   Rush Perfect Push up Stand



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                                                     Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands



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                                                       Elite Sportz Push Up Bar



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                                              Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

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                                          Garren Fitness Maximize Push-up Bars


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                                                      Heavy-Duty Push-Up Bars




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                                         SmarterLife Products Push Up Bars




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                                                             Multi-Grip Push-Up bar




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Benefits of push-up handles

How do push-up grips help with training and what are the advantages of push-up grips?
An advantage of using push-up handles is obvious and already familiar to many people. Due to the increased hand position and thus an extension of the arms, the “down movement” in the push-up exercises larger. The upper body has to continue downwards, whereby the individual muscles, especially the pectoral muscles, are stretched and stressed more. But also the arms, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks and back are more demanding and more effectively exercised by means of the push-up handles. The changed training position achieves a higher level of difficulty which makes it easier for beginners to do fewer push-ups first. But with a little practice and regular training, training success becomes visible, the number of pushups increases and muscle building becomes more efficient.

Successful muscle building with push-up Bars

But this is not the only reason why training with push-ups is more useful. By means of the handles, the arms are extended and a buckling of the wrists reduced. The training and the push-up exercises are thus gentler on the wrist. The pain in the wrists, which often arise during prolonged training without push-up handles, can be avoided hereby. Also pain in the elbow or shoulders is reduced.

The push-up handles allow wrist-friendly and efficient training. Pushing exercises without pain, with more success and a lot of variety. With push-up grips, you can do almost the same exercises as you do without, but the training will be harder and your wrists will be less stressed. Whether the classic, wide-armed, one-armed or “women’s push-up” they all are fun and help to build muscle on the arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Fitness Tip: Keep your muscles busy for a day. So the muscles have time to recover and grow better and more efficiently!

Buy proper push-up bars

Those who want to buy push-up grips will find that there are different types of push-up grips. The best known are the classic solid push-up handles and the handles with rotating handles. But again there are gradations in the design and in the price.

What makes the difference between the normal and rotatable pushups and what should be considered?

Firm stand at push up bars

An important and decisive factor in the selection of the handles is the stability. The handles should be rubberized on the bottom and non-slip to give a perfect stand during the workout. This is usually unproblematic for carpets but especially for tiles, laminate or parquet an important issue. Only then can the push-up exercises be carried out cleanly and injuries can be avoided by slipping. Because nothing is worse than if during the exercise, the handles slip and these must be readjusted.
Also, the support surface should not be too small to reduce tilting. Especially beginners who have little experience with push-ups or push-ups and are still unsure of the design should pay attention to the tipping safety. Experience has shown that it is particularly difficult for them to maintain balance and body tension.

Comfortable hand rest with push-up handles

Another important point when buying push-up handles is the sheathing of the hand pads. These should be made of a soft but not too soft material such as foam or rubber, so that a good grip and can be trained without additional gloves.

Rotatable push-up bars or rigid push-up bars?

Now the question arises for one or the other, which push-up holds are right for me. Are the rotatable push-up handles or rather the fixed handles more useful?

Clearly, push-up grips are useful for efficient muscle building and many push-up exercises wrist-friendly and painless to practice. Not quite as clear is the answer as to which pushups it should be. Both types of grips have their advantages as well as their disadvantages.

The rigid push-up bars

The classic handles, which are not rotatable, require only a short adjustment period and are also suitable for beginners. The longer down movement challenges muscle building for the arms, chest, back, abdomen, buttocks, legs and shoulders and trains them more effectively. If you take your arms close together, the center of gravity during training is on the chest muscles, further apart this forms the shoulders.
Due to the non-mobility of the push-up handles, these can be “misappropriated” and even more training exercises can be completed except push-ups.


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