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October 23, 2017
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What Foods Are Best For Exercise Before And After

            What Food Is Best For Exercise Before And After


Do you exercise in the morning? Due to exercise in the morning, your body lacks protein, fluid and carbohydrate deficiency. As a result, if your body does not get enough food then you will become weak. Do not worry, we’ll give you a list of all the foods that you have to eat after your physical activity. Read more …



Cardio Exercise: Speeding exercises such as running, bicycling, aerobics etc. are called.

Before: At least one hour before eating cardio exercises, you will eat less fat and have more carbohydrate foods. A banana, a glass of milk or a handgun can be a classic choice.

After: Nutrition in the body at this time, so that its performance cannot be reduced. So it’s good for both Amy and carbohydrate. It reduces muscular pain. Instead of coffee, you can choose coffee instead of low milk, coconut water etc.


Circuit training: This type of exercise will increase the muscle strength as well as the effect of various body muscles. Because in these exercises some exercises need to be done fast with a short break.

Before: Carbohydrate should be given more attention on the skin and more. Apple and banana are the best fit. You can also eat dried fruit approximately 45 minutes before starting the exercise.

After: Fat will be low in this time period. Fresh salad, smoked, protein shake or fruit can be eaten.


Strength Training: There may be a lot of exercise totals. Which is practiced by the body of muscles contraction. In the meantime, this exercise is done with ‘chest-down’, ‘weightlift’ or heavy dumbbell. Which increases muscle strength and load capacity.

Before: It is very important to eat meat and carbohydrate foods one hour before this exercise. Do not feel exhausted immediately.

After: This exercise is very disturbing on the body. So to cope with the problem, the body should give proper food. You can eat ‘Protein Shake’ or ‘Energy Bar’ made from molasses or cats.


It should be remembered that you should never exercise on an empty stomach. Because of the calorie loss due to exercise or exercise, if there is an empty stomach then there is pressure on the kidneys, heart. It must be remembered that at least 15-20 minutes / 30 minutes of exercise will be eaten. After 20 to 30 minutes of exercise, you will have to eat. Protein and carbohydrate rapid absorption in 45 minutes of exercise. Be careful that the food is balanced. If you want to make muscle, you will eat more protein foods. Try to take food from natural resources. Market whey Protein or milkshake is available. They increase harmful and uric acid for kidneys. If exercise is for weight loss then the fat will be reduced to increase vegetables, fruits, and protein. If you do not eat more than water, then there will be water void and keep the water in the course of the exercise. Follow the diet before and after exercise. As the exercise keeps you healthy, the right balance in your diet will ensure your health.

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