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Before you buy a new abdominal trainer bike, you should think a lot so very carefully. After all, abdominal trainer bike should also correspond exactly to their respective ideas. Various criteria are important to the abdominal trainer Rad buy and ensure that they really get exactly the desired abdominal trainer bike according to your imagination. Each abdominal trainer wheel is different again and offers other advantages, or disadvantages, which you should consider in your considerations. It is therefore perfect to compare the individual criteria of abdominal trainer Rad. For this we have presented the different options in our comprehensive abdominal trainer Rad Test. We hope that this will help you to make a purchase decision for abdominal trainer wheel.



                                       Best Exercise Wheel 2018


                                                                               NUMBER ONE


                                Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts


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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is an ab wheel with a patented design that improves the effectiveness of ab exercises and helps to engage & strengthen muscles in the back, chest, arms, & core. Unlike traditional ab wheels, the Ab Carver Pro uses a unique carbon steel spring mechanism that provides resistance as users roll out & assistance as they roll back, engaging muscles more thoroughly. While most ab rollers feature flat wheels that only allow for rolling straight out & back, the Ab Carver Pro features a wide, spherical wheel that helps users engage all ab muscles, including obliques, by pivoting to the right & left. This helps to strengthen deep core muscles that stabilize the pelvis & spine. The Ab Carver Pro also features padded, angled, ergonomic hand grips that maximize engagement of arm muscles while remaining comfortable & stable. The Ab Carver Pro includes kneepads, a downloadable 21-day workout plan, & a 1-


Resistance Rolling Out

Patented carbon steel spring mechanism provides resistance while rolling out, increasing activation of core & abdominal muscles.


Assistance on the Way Back

The mechanism offers a small amount of assistance when rolling back to the starting position, which allows users to extend farther while minimizing pressure on the lower back.


Ultra-wide Wheel

The ultra-wide, spherical wheel allows users to carve left or right to engage all sets of abdominals, including oblique muscles. The increased wheel width offers stability and balance.


Ergonomic Handles

Unique ergonomic padded handles are angled to help optimize engagement of arm & core muscles. These non-slip handles are removable for easy transport and storage.


38 Core Muscles

The Core consists of more than just the abdominal & oblique muscles; it is comprised of a total of 38 muscles, including the glutes, quads hamstrings. A strong core provides stability for the entire body.


Work the Deep Core

Ab Carver Pro isolates & strengthens deep core muscles, including the important muscles that connect the pelvis & the spine. Improved core strength increases balance, improves posture & decreases low back discomfort caused by sitting.


Compound Movements

Ab Caver Pro activates numerous muscles groups through the compound movements involved in the rollout exercise. Core, back, chest & arm muscles are engaged in the movement, increasing calories burned as compared to regular sit-ups or planks.


Rolling Left and Right

Using the Ab Carver Pro’s unique ultra-wide wheel design to alternate between forwarding rollouts & pivots to the left and right engages all four sets of abdominal muscles, including both sets of oblique muscles, & works the entire core.



                                                                           NUMBER TWO


                            YYF Ab Roller Wheel Triangular Support Abdominal Roller



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This convenient & practical fitness equipment can help you tighten your belly, lose belly fat, train your abs, chest muscles, arm muscles & other core muscle groups. It is perfect for almost any venue as well like office, home, gym etc because of its convenience, collapsible,easy-to-use assembly instructions that make assembly & disassembly quick and stress-free


Suitable For: Whether you are a beginner looking to introduce a great core workout to your fitness routine or have been reaping the benefits of an ab roller wheel for some time, our wheel is the best way to shred calories, build muscle mass, & exceed your fitness goals


Ergonomic Performance Grips: Our most comfortable hand grips minimize hand fatigue even the hands get lots of sweats


A knee mat is included in the package that provides maximum protection, no more discomfort in the knees from kneeling


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we are very pleased to serve you



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                                                                            NUMBER THREE


                                            Epitomie Fitness BIO Ab Roller Wheel






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MAXIMUM STABILITY: The BIO Core is the only ab roller available today that uses RUBBER wheels for maximum stability on any surface. Unlike other ab wheels, you can now train anywhere, even on smooth floors, to tone & build your abs, back, shoulders and arms.


BONUS WORKOUT MAT: A high-quality knee mat is included in the package along with the abdominal wheel so you can finally say “goodbye” to bruised knees. The kneeling mat is made from high-density EVA foam to provide maximum protection & comfort for your knees.


ERGONOMIC PERFORMANCE GRIPS: Thick ergonomically designed memory foam handles have been added the ab wheel to increase grip & overall comfort during workouts and even for prolonged use. Never slip and feel uncomfortable gripping an ab carver again.


GREAT FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS:  Utilizing 2 large rubber wheels, the wide and sturdy base of the BIO Core ab carver pro is ideal for smooth silent functioning & improved balance & stability, no matter what your size. Even when used at multiple angles, the ab wheel roller will support large weights of up to 450lbs.


LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE:  The BIO Core ab roller is the only ab wheel that uses high-grade rubber wheels, industrial strength polymers a stainless steel axle. We’re so confident that we’ve used the highest quality parts possible that we offer a no questions asked lifetime replacement.


Want to sculpt your abs and get a chiseled 6 pack? Or perhaps you’re looking to tone your arms and strengthen your core muscles?

We’ve got the solution for you. Introducing the BIO Core ab wheel from Epitomie Fitness.

It’s the only ab roller on the market today with RUBBER wheels. So unlike other cheap plastic ab wheels, now you can work out effectively anywhere & on any surface, even polished smooth surfaces. The rubber wheels also provide a smooth silent functioning & improved balance & stability.


Yes, not all ab rollers are creating equal. So why choose the BIO Core abdominal wheel?


The thick ergonomically designed memory foam handles will ensure maximum comfort for any size hands and for any workout duration.

The FREE knee mat means no more bruising and discomfort in the knees from kneeling.

With a stainless steel axle bar combined with a wheel core made from high-grade polymers, the BIO Core ab carver pro is durable and built for longevity. You will never need to buy another ab carver!

Also, the dual wheels not only provide maximum stability and balance, but they will also support large weights of up to 450lbs. So whether you are a beginner or an expert user, the BIO Core has you covered.

The ab roller wheel is one of the most effective fitness devices with a proven track record to strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, back and even the obliques and lower core when done properly. So forget doing hundreds of sit-ups and using useless large sized ab crunching machines, turbocharge your abdominal and arm workouts with the BIO Core ab roller.



                                                                          NUMBER FOUR


                                  Innovative Ergonomic Abdominal Wheel Exerciser


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Ergonomic Patent Pending 3-Wheels System: Triangular structure provide excellent overall rolling motion stability. Perfect fitness system for beginners and advance use challenging difficult variations


Floor Stopper Wedge: Standalone brake can significantly improve workout safety and enable a wide variety of workouts at the different range on demand. Be stopped exactly where you want and return in full strength, keep the motion right and maximize your effort.


Rubberized Soft Grip Handles: The comfortable grips minimize hand fatigue while remaining slip-free even in the sweatiest workout, leave all your effort on the ground!


Premium Materials and Solid Construction: Unlike other cheap Ab roller, this Carving System is built with solid materials to Last, Perform and get people Proud of our brand.


Perfect Home Fitness Device: High-Density Fitness Foam Kneepad is included for comfort workout at home. Strengthens and Tones your entire body by hitting your Abs, Core, Torso, Shoulders, Arms, Upper Back and Lower Back.


If you’re a calisthenics fan, you know few things work your body head to toe better than plank-position moves. And with our ab roller, you can hit every body part to see rapid results. Here’s how:
1. Position the ab roller before your knees. Grab both handles with your hands and extend your arms.
2. Lean your body forward as you extend your arms, supporting it with the ab roller.
3. Roll the ab roller as far as you can for maximum distance between hands and knees.
4. Slowly roll the ab roller back towards your knees.


If you looking for high-quality Ab Wheel Roller at an affordable price, please try our Kansoon Ab Roller. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction!
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty, Hassle Free Replacement for us Directly.


                                                                              NUMBER FIVE


                                             Fitnessery Ab Wheel Roller for Ab Workout





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SCULPT YOUR ABS: Fitnessery ab wheel acts as your personal fitness trainer – helping you to build stronger and bigger six pack abs, burn calories, build muscle & improve your overall endurance. Your ab wheel comes with 3 free bonus gifts & the lifetime money back guarantee. Add to cart NOW to enjoy this abs cruncher in 48 hours with Amazon Prime.


SUPERIOR QUALITY: Train with one of the most effective pieces of home exercise equipment. It is made of strong, durable material to ensure it withstands even the most intense workout sessions. The ab wheel is made of strong stainless steel, non-slip rubber & durable PVC. The abs roller handles are made of comfortable EVA foam padding ensure safety &  comfort.


3 FREE BONUS GIFTS: Each purchase includes three incredible extras. 1) A comfortable knee pad for added knee support (value: $10). 2) Six Pack Abs Nutrition E-book (value: $20) for valuable diet, health, and fitness guidance. 3) Ultimate Ab Workout E-book (value: $20) for fitness training workout advice. EXCLUSIVE only to Fitnessery customers, you won’t find these high-value free gifts anywhere else!


SAVE MONEY: If you want to save money on a gym membership or need to fit in a fast workout, our ab workout equipment is the ideal gym equipment for home! The non-slip rubber wheel roller securely grips any floor type, & the handles have soft padding for total comfort. It is the perfect training equipment for your home gym!


LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: At Fitnessery, the overall health, fitness, & well-being of our customers have always been our top priority! To help ensure you receive a home workout equipment that you’re fully satisfied with, we’re offering our lifetime risk-free guarantee with every purchase.



Ultra-comfortable hand grips

Strengthens arms & shoulders

Helps sculpt & tone abdominals

Single non-slip rubber wheel design for stable, smooth & fluid movements

Every purchase includes 3 FREE bonuses gifts that you won’t find anywhere else!





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