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Best Crossfit Shoes 2018

                Which CrossFit shoes to choose?Guide For You!



How to choose your CrossFit shoes? What characteristics are important? Why special shoes? What price to put? Check out the answers to all of these questions in this article!
Why equip yourself with CrossFit shoes?

In CrossFit, the huge variety of exercises and their intensity will hurt your feet. During your training, you will have to carry heavy loads, run several hundred meters and perform jumps (burpees). In short, very varied movements where your feet will work in different ways. To reduce the risk of injury, it is better to equip yourself!

Indeed, your feet are the foundation on which your whole body rests. In order to perform your exercises properly, it is better to have a stable and solid foundation. Your joints will have to resist an important work with sometimes heavy loads. By having a good stability you will avoid making false movements. You will avoid some dislocations.

How to choose your CrossFit shoes?

When choosing your shoes, several criteria are to be taken into account for use in CrossFit.

Good support and good stability!

In order to carry heavy loads, having good support is essential. For this reason, it is often not recommended to use running shoes. In CrossFit, it is essential to have your feet firmly anchored on the ground. As a result, CrossFit shoes are designed much differently than running shoes.

For better stability, CrossFit shoes have a slightly raised heel. This will improve your overall mobility and allow you to do squats of greater amplitude. The sole of the CrossFit shoes is also a bit different; for CrossFit, the important thing is to distribute the mass evenly over the entire surface of your foot. By spreading the mass and your foot is less stressed.

Several types of shoes

In competition, you will see that some athletes change models depending on the type of exercise. So they take light shoes for speed exercises or heavier shoes with heavy supports for heavyweight exercises. But you can also find shoes “hybrid” that will make the best compromise of the previous two. This is the last type of CrossFit shoes that I recommend in this article. Indeed I do not address this site to professional competitors, but rather to people wanting to discover the CrossFit. In this case, a pair of “hybrid” shoes will be enough and you will save money.

What CrossFit shoes?

My choice was reduced to two models. These are the two most prevalent models and rightly so. I selected the most versatile models to CrossFit. They are easily found on Amazon.


                                Best CrossFit Shoe Reebok Nano 7 In The World



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Reebok Nano 7, the test


If you do not know CrossFit is a very trendy sport that focuses on 3 pillars.

1.Various exercises

2.Functional Movements

3.High intensity

Basically, if you see somebody doing muscular exercises, then doing 40 jumps on a big wooden box, doing push-ups and then skipping rope, and finally falling down on the ground. Breathe too hard and breathe it is surely a CrossFit practitioner The CrossFit practitioner, therefore, seeks a shoe with great stability, good support, a good “inking” on the ground, good resistance to friction, etc.

The practice of CrossFit is at the top to improve his health and quickly develop his general physical condition.

Reebok Nano 7: the style!

Yes I know, we do not care about the style, a shoe CrossFit is above all a tool to help you in your search for performance … But I’m like that, I monitor my style in the gym

Regarding the style, Reebok has totally redesigned his CrossFit shoe! Compared to the Nano 6, this new Nano 7 is much more refined and therefore more elegant in my opinion. She does not forget to be high in color, especially with its star color that displays a sole and a yellow and orange heel! For my part, I chose the blue version, wiser and especially that fits more easily with all my shorts and t-shirts that often also wear flashy colors. Many other versions exist, red, gray, etc., and even pink for girls.

In short, I love its clean lines and classes and its touch of color that brings pep to the whole!



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NanoWeave material!

The fabric used for the Reebok Nano 7 (if we can still call it a fabric) is the nano weave. The NanoWeave has 2 great benefits for a CrossFit shoe:

*Extreme resistance! You will be able to rub your Nano 7 against a wall, against a rope, against the ground or even against the teeth of your CrossFit partners, they will always be like new! This material is indeed extremely resistant and therefore allows a violent and intense practice of CrossFit without having to worry about your shoes

*Ultra-breathable! This “big mesh” that is the nano weave makes it possible to let the air circulate widely. The Reebok Nano 7 are therefore lighter and more comfortable to wear!
test reebok nano 7 reviews CrossFit shoe 68

A magic sole!

Like any self-respecting CrossFit shoe, the Nano 7 has a very thin sole (the drop is 4mm all the way through). This allows the foot closer to the ground and therefore a better grip and a better “feel”. The Reebok Ortholite insole provides incredible cushioning for such a thin sole! Of course, a CrossFit shoe is not made to run 10 km and Nano 7 is no exception but they nevertheless offer excellent cushioning that will allow you to chain your jumps without shocking your joints

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A really good ground support !!!

This is probably the thing that shocked me the most during the test of Nano 7, they provide maintenance and incredible stability! It’s mainly during the slots before I realized it. Slots are an exercise where I’m always a little wobbly and believe me it’s not reassuring to rock from left to right when you have a bar loaded on the shoulders .. With the Nano 7 feet, I could do slits fingers in the nose !!! Why ? Here are the explanations.

A heel very well maintained! This point helps to gain stability.

The front of the foot is free! You noticed that the Reebok Nano 7 have a front part wide enough? This allows the toes to move away naturally and therefore to be better “anchored” in the ground.

A spider outsole! Yes, this outsole in crystallized rubber grips well and is very flexible, so it allows incredible grip on the ground and increased stability.
This is for me the main asset of these Nano 7, an incredible grip on the ground which allows a great stability during the exercises of muscle like the squats or the slits but also during the more dynamic exercises like the burpees. AWESOME !!!



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And the competition?

There are not yet tons of models but the Reebok Nano 7 already has its competitor, it is the Nike Metcon 3. What is the best shoe CrossFit? There is a match and the difference is in details, but I think that with its older experience in the world of CrossFit, Reebok offers its Nano 7 the ultimate CrossFit shoe! Nevertheless, the gap is not huge and the Nike Metcon 3 is also an excellent choice.

The choice between the two models depends mainly on me in the shape of your foot. If you have a not too wide heel or thumb, then go to the Nano 7! The Metcon 3 will be too wide and your big toe will be crushed by the rounded tip of this shoe. Have you very wide heel? So the Metcon 3 is for you! The Nano 7 may be too tight on the side at the back of the foot.


About Nike Metcon 3



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Just as for the reeboks Nanos, the metcons have evolved over the years. Nike has also achieved the difficult challenge of balancing stability with flexibility. But on top of that, they managed to make it a very successful design. If the look is important to you, you may prefer the metcon 3.

These shoes are equipped with two types of foams. One will be there to assist you when carrying heavy loads, while the second will cushion shocks when you make jumps. Its wide sole increases the surface to reduce the force applied to the soles of your feet.

Overall, the Nike metcon 3 seem to be better than the Reebok Nano 7 but it is played very little. Everyone does not have the same perception, try both models if you have the opportunity. However I find the metcon 3 much prettier, it can make the difference for many

The Nike Metcon 3 Training Shoe is designed for your toughest workouts, from wall-to-wall drills and sprints to sprints and weight training.

The inner midsole is firm at the heel and softer and supple at the forefoot. It gives you the stability you need for training and the cushioning you need for short distances.

The flat plate and firm rubber heel offer you powerful stability for explosive take-offs. The support all around the shoe allows you to train with confidence.

The embroidered material in areas of high wear for increased durability without excess weight.

Flywire cables for optimal support
Mesh at the heel and ankle to keep your feet cool
Clip in the heel to reduce friction for the exercises against the wall
Adherent rubber on the forefoot for high traction
Textured rubber wraps midfoot for durability during rope exercises


My opinion on the Nano 7 Reebok!
Yes, the Reebok Nano 7 is the ultimate CrossFit shoe everyone was waiting for! The material is perfect (resistant and breathable), the grip on the ground and the stability really brings a diff



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