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Best Exercise Rules For Everyone

                                         Best Exercise Rules


Many people exercise at home or in the gym themselves Each job has specific rules There are many rules and regulations, such as eating right rules, which is very important to know. If the exercise is not done rightly, there may be Multi physical problems such as muscle pool, injuries, etc. Those who go to the gym may get proper guidance, but those who exercise at home, they are doing many wrong ways without knowing it.


Below are some common best exercise rules for you:


Learn how to exercise before you, if you need to know from doctor or gym trainer, how much will you do.
Exercise according to physical ability and age, such as the 40-year-old person can not exercise at all, should be exercised carefully after back pain, arthritis problems. Pregnant women can not do all types of exercise
If there is no physical problem, you can start exercising yourself, How many exercises?How to start the exercise?

Write down your weight, BMI, body measurement, at the beginning of the exercise, and notice how it’s progressing every month.

During the gym, it is better to wear comfortable clothing, such as the t-shirt, sneakers Keep in the towel, water bottle.

Shoes or sneakers are very useful and important for cardio exercises If you do not use good quality Shoes, then can be headaches and even spinal cord pain,

Of course, after taking cardio, take a sip of water after a little bit Water will protect you from dehydration, do not drink more water at once, then the water will go straight to your lungs, water intoxication, hyponatremia (levels of low blood sodium), and appendicitis. How to drink water?

Exercise will be in full attention while exercising, do not exercise to read books, your exercise will not be right. Make sure exercise is effective.

Know your target heart rate for cardio.If the heart rate increases, stop the exercise
Keep an eye on your posture during gym, due to exercise in counterclockwise posture, physical disorders or your body structure may be lost.

Exercise a specific time every day.
Do regular exercise One day, after 10 days, the exercise will not help.
Exercise according to a specific routine.Decide what type of exercise you can do, and how much you want to do.

Very important part of the warm-up and cool-down exercises For example: If you start running without warming up, your heart may fail If worm exercises do not work, then there is no benefit According to my favorite trainer/fitness expert Shaun T, worm up is the most important part of the exercise. Warm up means to increase body temperature, increase blood circulation, increase muscle temperature, etc. In normal conditions, the condition of our physique temperature is known as warm up to increase the temperature & heart rate. Warm up at the beginning of the physical exercise First, slow down, increase the speed after two minutes, then walk 5 minutes, then jogging for 5 minutes at least In this way, when your physique gets sweated, then it will be warmed up Then running, jogging, abdominal exercises, stretching, weight training etc. can be done It is good to warm up at least 10 minutes.

Slowly start the cardio, do not increase the speed suddenly.

Do not stop cardiovascularly, at the end of the cardio so that your heart rate, body temperature is normal, then cool down and stretch slowly after cardio.

Just before exercise, do not eat anything later, it will not be digested It cannot be eaten two hours before exercise and one hour later

Occasionally when exercising or stops, will breathe and leave It is normal to breathe.

Sometimes changing the routine of exercise will yield accurate results, because once you have accustomed your body to the rules, it will not be necessary anymore.

If possible, you can start a new type of gym, it will cut the boredom of your exercise, new exercises will also be done in the body.

During exercise, use the whole body to survive, such as walking or moving the elbows in front of your hands during walking or running. It will be your neck, hands & exercise.

If you feel overly exhausted or you feel bad, stop it Do not force it.

Exercise with the mentality, do not get any benefit, exercise fun with fun.

Those who are weight training, know how much weight they will take Exercise weight (dumbbell etc.) by keeping posture properly.

Do not exercise for extra time (like three, four hours), it will be reversed.

If you have a pain while exercising or if the muscle is in the pool then immediately stop the exercise, show doctor or physiotherapist.

It is better not to exercise cardio 4 hours before sleeping If you have to exercise before sleeping then you can do only a light yoga.

Understand how to do all of the gym’s machines and instruments Otherwise, muscled pool and injuries can occur.

At the end of the exercise, the shower will take fresh.


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