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Amir Khan’s Exercise And Diet Tips

             Indian Hero Amir Khan’s Exercise And Diet Tips


Want to build the body? Then read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Encyclopedia of Body Building. Yes, such suggestions came from Bollywood screen Amir Khan. Indian television channel ND TV has given the news.

In the words of Amir, ‘Three things are important for good health. They are – taking balanced diet, regular body exercises, and moderate rest.



Amir reports that, generally, people receive about 1800 to 2000 calories a day. ‘But I think a person should take less than 1800 calories in 24 hours to reduce excess body weight’, says Amir. However, his words are that the balanced distribution of food cannot be reduced in any way by taking fewer calories.

Therefore, it should be consumed with food that contains one-third fat, one-third of carbohydrate and the other protein. Amir said, ‘walking, jogging, swimming, playing – these are very good body exercises. Yoga exercises are also good.

But what do those who want the muscular body? Amir said the answer is essential for this, special training required, a good coach and proper equipment. He says, ‘It is best to go to the gym.’ In the words of Amir, he has done regular expenditures for Ghajini but also gave the body rest. He’s been sleeping for eight hours daily.
Then why wait! Take the body to practice. And take a moderate meal.


Aamir Khan diet plan

1.The perfectionist takes healthy balanced diet including both veg & non-veg food items.

2.Before starting his exercise, the perfectionist likes to take banana or apple to maintain his energy level.

3.He preferred to take six small meals after a gap of 2 hours instead of heavy one.

4.His food cooked in olive oil or Safolla but only with 3 tbsp of oil.

5.His chapati is the blend of jowar, bajra and wheat

6.His diet chart includes an adequate amount of fresh fruits & vegetables.

7.Snacks include biscuits, brown bread sandwiches, & papaya.

8.For dinner, the star likes to take tandoori chicken or white eggs (4).

9.Avoid dairy products except for buttermilk.

10.He drinks more & more quantity of water. According to him, the smart look of the star is also due to his more intake of water as he confessed one of his interviews.

11.Avoid carbs after 9 pm but takes juices and soups.

12.Between his workouts, he likes to take lime water to continue his energy level



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