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October 15, 2017
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November 15, 2017
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Adidas weightlifting shoes 2018

                                  Best 3 Adidas weightlifting shoes 2018


1. Adidas Adipower

Adidas adipowerAt first glance, it’s clear: the Adidas Adipower is the top of the Adidas weightlifting footwear series – designed for maximum performance in squat and Olympic weightlifting.


Especially in red, the Adidas Adipower a mega extrovert shoe that immediately catches the eye. The upper is made of a sturdy PU-coated leather. Unfortunately, the model in the red color is barely available.




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When putting on the weightlifting shoe, it immediately becomes clear that the quality of the workmanship is 1A. The Adidas Adipower feels high-quality and makes it unmistakably clear that it is one of the best powerlifting shoes on the Amazon market!


The first time you wear the shoe feels very stiff and inflexible – but this is after the first training sessions. A tough competitor remains a well-known Nike model. If you want to know more about it, you should look at the Nike Romaleos 2 vs. Read Adidas Adipower contribution


Adidas Adipower – features and workmanship

What should you expect from the Adidas weightlifter shoe top model, other than a TOP-processing? As far as processing and performance are concerned, the Adipower clearly plays in a league with the Nike Romaleos 2.




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You definitely will not be disappointed! The Powerlifting shoe adapts optimally to the foot – no pressure and no tweaking (apart from the first training sessions). The Velcro strap attached to the instep anchors the foot in the Adidas Adipower, so to speak.


Adidas uses the specially developed TORSION® SYSTEM on this model to provide better midfoot stability. In practice, this is actually noticeable. Those who spend a lot of time on the Adidas Powerlift 2 will feel the difference when it comes to stability when training in the Adidas Adipower.


Professional tip: Those who suffer from sweaty feet are well served by the Adidas Adipower. The tongue and the shaft of the Squat shoe are made of the breathable material Air-Mesh.


The openings in the outsole are called “Vent-Flow” and ensure optimal foot ventilation.


Another plus point of the Adidas Adipower is the high-quality ADIWEAR ™ outsole, which is extremely robust and ensures maximum longevity.


Size: To be on the safe side, order these squat shoes rather a size larger because they are quite small!


Adidas Adiower – Conclusion and Opinion

WOW what a shoe! Alone at the sight of the pictures, you get an appetite for heavy squats. The weightlifting shoe not only looks great, but is one of the highest quality models in the Amazon market. Training with this model is a pleasure. Although the Adipower feels a bit too stiff during the first training sessions, this feeling disappears quickly.


Since I’ve been training for a long time with the Adidas Powerlift 2 and have now switched to the Adipower, I would not want to miss it anymore. The difference between these two models is clearly noticeable.

“If you buy cheap, buy 2 times!”

So if you’re really interested in doing high-end powerlifting, weightlifting, or basic bodybuilding on a high level, this model is your favorite weightlifter shoe! If the Adipower is too expensive for you, take a look at the weightlifting shoe comparison.


2. Adidas Powerlift 3 released


Just in time for the 2017 Summer Olympics, Adidas has unveiled its newest baby, the Adidas Powerlift 3. As is so common with new launches, this, of course, will lower the prices of its predecessor models. That means? The Adidas Powerlift 2 is now available at a bargain price.


Adidas Powerlift 3 Design



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From the predecessor model of the Adidas Powerlift 3, we are known to use an inconspicuous – almost boring – design. And indeed: the latest model of the Adidas weightlifting shoe series is still not really extroverted. Not everyone has to wear a neon green Nike Romaleos 2


Those who like their weightlifting shoes unobtrusively should opt for the model in gray – although this looks very similar to the Adidas torque at first glance!


Overall, the Powerlift 3 is available in five different colors:


Core Black

Solar Red

Unity Blue F16

Collegiate Purple

Sun Glow S16


That can the Powerlift 3

Unfortunately, we did not have the possibility to bring the powerlifting shoe to its limits during training. However, Adidas provides the prospect with a wealth of information about the Powerlift 3.


The model was developed for “lifting heavy weights” – as in the predecessor model, the Powerlift 3 is used by most users only for squat and not for classic weightlifting.


To ensure optimal power transmission in the squat, Adidas relies on the proven Adidas Powerlift 3 suns glowadiWEAR outsole. It is designed to be high-density, stick-hard and guarantees a stable and secure stand – even with heavy weights. As you know, not least the grip plays a big role in training. The outsole is therefore covered with a thin anti-slip rubber layer and practically bonds you to the ground.



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What is missing in any weightlifting shoe is the wedge heel. This ensures that you can push your knees forward when bending. Thus, you prevent a butt wink, bend lower, upright and relocate the burden of the back on the thighs. We have not re-measured yet, but the wedge heel for the Adidas Powerlift 3 seems to be 1.5 cm, just like its predecessor.


The Powerlift 3 looks smart but is still the entry-level model from Adidas. Therefore, not really, but synthetic leather is used. Is that bad? No way! The material is durable and offers special support especially in the area of the ankle.


To the HD images of the Powerlift 3

A weightlifting shoe for warm days?

Adidas attaches great importance to the breathability of the Powerlift 3. On the one hand, the tongue, lining, and shaft are made of Air Mesh – which is particularly breathable. On the other hand, the forefoot area is open-pored and has some cut-outs, which also provide better air circulation. Whether some buyers of the Powerlift 2 have complained about unpleasant odors? Who knows…


Conclusion – Adidas Powerlift 3

With the presentation of the Powerlift 3, Adidas continues to expand its foresight in the area of weightlifting shoes. The timing (just before the Olympics) of launch is at least smart and will attract a lot of attention.


The weightlifting test team was able to convince the Powerlift 3 at first sight. It remains to be seen how the weightlifting shoe behaves in training and whether he is a due successor of the classic Powerlift 2.


Whether one will see some Olympians in the summer with the Powerlift 3 on their feet, or whether they prefer to choose the performance 16, remains to be seen.



3. Adidas Power Perfect 2 – Our absolute recommendation!

The Adidas Power Perfect 2 is one of the mid-range models of Adidas weightlifting shoes.



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Unlike the Adidas Adipower, the Power Perfect does NOT use real leather, but synthetic leather as the upper. However, this material is fairly sturdy and tough and thus provides adequate stability of the Squat shoe. For some it may seem “cheap” that no real leather was processed on the Adidas Power Perfect 2, others are happy about it for animal welfare reasons. I think everyone should judge for themselves how important real leather is today.


Adidas Power Perfect 2 – features and workmanship

The workmanship of the Power Perfect 2 is definitely outstanding! Although the overall impression is not quite as high as the Adidas Adipower, or as the Nike Romaleos 2, but the materials used are glued together clean and sewn.


With the Power Perfect 2 Adidas relies again on the well-proven air-mesh material in the upper and in addition Air-Mesh-lining, which significantly improves the breathability.


Just like the Adipower and the Powerlift 2, there is a tight strap on the instep, which anchors your foot in the weightlifting shoe with Velcro. Slipping impossible!


Of course, the Adidas Power Perfect 2 has the weightlifting shoe-typical heel in the rear area. This raises your heel and improves your squats depth and stability noticeably! In contrast to the Do-Win Gong Lu 2 this wedge is not made of wood, but of a rubber/plastic mixture.


The heel is significantly higher on this Adidas Powerlifting shoe than on its smaller brother, the Adidas Powerlift 2.



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Adidas describes the Power Perfect 2 as follows:


“Our Adidas Power Perfect 2 Weightlifting Shoe stabilizes your posture with lightweight rear heel support and a high-density, embossed wedge-shaped midsole. The lining and the upper are made of air-mesh and very breathable ”

Adidas Power Perfect 2 – Conclusion and Opinion

adidas power perfect 2 sidewaysThis Squat shoe by Adidas is a great choice if you want to opt for a mid-size model. The quality is great and in general, makes the weight-lifting shoe a slightly nobler impression than his little brother Adidas Powerlift 2. At the level of Adipower the Power Perfect 2 but not quite ran.

Of course, if this model is your first weightlifting shoe, you do not have to start directly with the top model (Adidas Adipower), but you are supplied with the PP2 super.

I think it’s a pity that this model is only available in a single color combination.

There are different opinions about the optimal size. I recommend you to order the shoe in your regular shoe size *.



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